Watan HD TV New Biss key And Frequency 2022 [Updated]

Hello Satellite Geeks,

No channel on Dish to watch sports on?

Then don’t worry! I have got your back.

Watan TV  broadcasted the Asia cup 2018 and World Cup 2019.

If Watan HD is not working on your receiver then you are in the right place.

Because in this post, I am gonna tell you the actual and working Watan HD TV Biss key and  Watan HD TV frequency on Yahsat at 52.0°E

Let’s get started!

Watan HD TV:

Watan tv logo
Watan tv logo

The Watan HD Television is a commercial television in Afghanistan.

Watan Tv was founded by Abdul Majeed Moquri in 2008 in Kabul.

The slogan “Watan” means “homeland”, the land of Afghan.

Watan TV’s main niche is news and entertainment besides which it also broadcast Sports matches.

Watan HD has a very excellent line up of programs in the Pashto language like; de member Awaz, Nawai Pail, seema awo dodoona, da watan sarteri, ghora sandar, da watan deera, landai pa war rasra waya, meena da de sa wakral saryal and the list goes on.

The main reason for the popularity of this channel is that it broadcasts all Afghanistan and international cricket (matches, league, series & tour) by the partnership with international media and productions.

What is the Biss key:

Let me ask you a simple question.

If you want to protect your phone what you will do?

Your answer must be something like that you will set up some sort of password or face lock.

The same thing is the Biss key.

Biss key is basically used to encrypt the satellite signals so only those people can get it who knows the Biss key. I hope you got the concept.

Watan TV Frequency:


Watan Tv is on Yahsat 52E. But it’s a hard channel to get.

Its signals are weak but I have given the full settings below for your ease.

First of all, Point your dish towards Yahsat 52E and get signals.

Then add the below TP into your receiver and scan.

If you don’t get the signals then play with the L.N.B setting a little bit.

53.0EExpress AM611532 H 2205
52.0ETurkmenÄlem/MonacoSat10846 V 27500

Note: the frequency updates from time to time. For the latest frequency keep visiting site

November 2019 Update: Watan TV is Off these Days.

Watan HD TV Biss Key:

At the current time, Watan TV is not receivable on any TP.

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At the current time, Watan TV is not working on any TP but there are other channels on which you can sport on.

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