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TV Varzish New Biss key And Frequency 2020

Hello! readers. In this post, I will tell you the latest and working TV Varzish Biss key and frequency.

So stay tuned and read till the end to get the most out of it.

TV Varzish HD:

TV Varzish (Persian: شبکه ورزش‎ English: Sports channel) is a National sports channel in Iran which was founded on  July 18, 2012.

It is quite a famous channel of Iran because it is the fifth Iranian television channel to broadcast in digital mode and the second one to broadcast in High Definition quality.

This channel is not aired on cable set but It is available on set-top boxes and receivers.

Varzish TV airs different sports like wrestling, football, and basketball.

It is no doubt a famous channel worldwide for its variety of shows and entertainment it provides.

It is aired on Horizons 2, Apstar 7 and Yahsat 1A satellite.

TV Varzish Frequency:

The below table shows the frequency and all the information you need to set TV Varzish in your set-top box. Just input these settings in your set-top box and you are good to go.

SatelliteYahsat 1A
Symbol Rate27500

Note: The frequency changes from time to time. For the latest frequency keep visiting site

TV Varzish Biss key:

So the wait is over. I am sharing with you the latest and working TV Varzish Biss key.


Biss:01 03 AB AF CD 20 16 03

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If this key is not working then don’t worry. We have got your back.

The channel hasn’t updated the key for a long time. So as soon as we got the new key. We will post it here.

If you need any help then contact me directly at Facebook here.

Till then keep visiting the site and comment and share the post.

Muhammad Ahmed

Ahmed is a Satellite Enthusiast. He is been studying satellites since he was a teenager.

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  1. Hello every body,thanks for your help and assistance, and i have one request please i need a software for star x mini ll led receiver Hd i will be appreciated if you provide me the last update for the mentioned receiver,thanks at advance for your help and assistance .

  2. Dear!
    same not working with above biss-key
    it display error says * message scramble *
    does any update ?

  3. For eve VARZISH TV is the best. I enjoy really 24 hours in line. However, the new Arabic VARZISH signal is extremely week so that this become too complicated for me to attend the English premiere league matches. Because 11785 frequency cannot transmitting the English premiere matches except FA Cups through this frequency. If you have basic information how to work this Arabic VARZISH CHANNELS or symbol rate 12476, would you please inform me??. Final, since and then, VARZISH TV is my first choice to see selected world live football and other sport Channels!! Keep it up this amazing effort for ever to entertaining foot ball fans through VARZISH CHANNELS!!


    Your sincerely, Mareg Ayele
    From Ethiopia

    1. Hey
      To enter biss key in xcruiser
      Goto menu and enter 8282
      You will see key manager where you will able to add keys.

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