RTA New Biss Key And Frequency MonacoSat 2022 [100% Working]

RTA  is a new channel on MonacoSat 52E that got much popular among dish viewers since it aired the Cricket World Cup 2019.

It broadcasted the event and became the love of many FTA viewers

Due to its good quality and strong signal range, it made the bond with the viewers even stronger.

In this post, I am gonna share the latest Rta biss key and Frequency for you.

So read till the end to get the most out of it.



RTA channel showed World Cup 2019 live. It also shows cricket World Cup 2019 Highlights.

Awesome! Right.

But this isn’t even the best part yet.

RTA doesn’t show Ads also.

So now you can watch the whole match without getting disturbed.

I have explained what is Biss key for your ease and also given the RTA frequency and  RTA Biss key below.

What is the BISS key?

Biss key is basically used to encrypt the satellite signals so only those people can get it who knows the Biss key. I hope you got the concept.

BISS stands for Basic Interoperable Scrambling System. It is developed by the European Broadcasting Union.

It is a 16-Digit alphanumeric code that is used to unlock TV channels.

There were times when most of the channels were encrypted by Biss Key. But now new and more advanced encryption has been introduced.

If you want other channels key then click here.

RTA Frequency

Rta frequency
Rta frequency

RTA has started its transmission on Yahsat 52E.

The channel has been continuously changing its satellite for some time but don’t worry I will provide you the latest updates here.

First of all, Insert the Tp given below into your receiver and start to move your dish towards 52E.

When you get the signal then start to play with LNB skew and azimuth to make signals strong.

In the table below, I have written everything you need to tune in RTA.

Channel NameRTA
Satellite Name TurkmenAlam/Monocosat
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 27500
Encryption BISS Key
TP10888 V 27500
HD 720

If you do not get signals, then comment below and I will help you.

RTA Biss Key


Enter the below key to unlock RTA and enjoy watching World Cup 2019.

RTA Biss Key: 12 34 56 9C 12 34 56 9C


If the above-given biss key doesn’t work then comment below and I will update the latest key within a moment

How To Enter RTA TV Biss Key

Follow the steps below to enter RTA TV Biss key in 1506G Receivers.

  • Go to the main menu and navigate to Multimedia settings.
  • Click on the Patch option and enter the master code.
  • Select CAS type Biss Key.
  • ADD RTA BISS Key and Frequency, SID, KEY (HEX), SYMBOL RATE, Polarisation

Follow the steps below to enter RTA TV Biss key in Green Go To Receivers

  • Open the RTA Channel.
  • Click on the Go to button.
  • The dialog box with Biss key written on it will open.
  • Enter the above-given Biss key there.
  • Press OK.


After reading this article, you would be able to receive RTA and unlock. Anyhow, If you have any problem then do let me know in the comments.