PTV Sports Biss key 2020

A lot of sports are happening and PTV Sports has been shut off by the government.

Sad, isn’t it?

But don’t worry,

In this post, I am going to solve this problem. So read till the end and comment if the problem is not solved.

PTV Sports:

This post is about the PTV Sports Biss key. PTV Sports was first aired on Asia sat 7 @ 105 E but then on 24 December 2016 shifted to Paksat 1R @38 E.

It is the most favorite sports channel in Pakistan. As we all know that PTV Sports has an encryption method called Biss and they keep changing their Biss key which irritates their viewers a-lot(not cable viewers off course).

For your ease, I have also written about PTV Sports frequency down below. So Stay tuned and cope with me as this going to a lengthy but interesting article.

PTV Sports Frequency:

Below’s table shows the latest PTV Sports frequency and other data about it. This frequency is of C BAND Version of PTV sports. KU band is also given down below.

SatellitePaksat 38.0 East
ChannelPtv Sports
Transponder4004 V 15555
PolarityV (Vertical)
Symbol Rate15555

Note: This was last updated recently. Chances of changes exist.

So make sure to check fresh frequency before using them.

 PTV Sports Biss Key:

So here comes the most important part. Yes! you have guessed it right. Below is the biss key of PTV Sports

Biss Key: 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC

If this didn’t work then try other solutions from below

From June 2017 until now, No Biss key of PTV Sport has come because, on June 1st, 2017 PTV sports changed its encryption mode from Biss to Conax.

Yes! It’s heartbreaking to hear that. It was a black day for PTV Sports viewers. Conax encryption mode wasn’t easy to bypass back then.

The Conax mode is the same system on which GEO Sports is encrypted.

Don’t worry readers! I have more solutions for you so that you can watch PSL 5 2020.

Other Ways to watch PTV Sports:

Below I have written 3 ways by which you can enjoy an uninterrupted stream of the PSL 5 2020.

1.PTV Sports Conax key:

Yes! you have read right. If your receiver has an option of the Conax key then you can insert this Conax key and enjoy PTV sports streaming on the dish

PTV Sports Conax Key: EF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65 AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA

2. PTV Sports KU Band:

If your receiver doesn’t have the option of the Conax key then don’t worry I have a second solution for you and that is KU band. yes PTV Sports is also broadcasted on Paksat KU band at match time only. The frequency is different most of the time. but frequent Transponder is posted below


Timing: during the match

Paksat-1R @38E KU Band

Transponder: 123074 V 1448

SID: 0001

Biss Key: A1 23 B4 78 530 C7 89 A30

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So, at last, looks like this problem is solved. For more updates keep visiting the site.

If you need any help then contact me directly at Facebook here.

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