Okpunjab 2020: Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood and Tamil HD Movies

Okpunjab 2020: People eagerly wait for a new movie release, to see which some people have already booked a ticket and those who are unable to book a ticket, then they get crowded in Cinema Hall to buy a ticket. Have to face. In such a situation, many people return home after getting frustrated, but now you do not need to be disappointed because now you can enjoy it at home by downloading a movie with the help of Okpunjab website.

Okpunjab is one of the most popular illegal online movie portals. It offers the latest movie updates, including casting, design, release dates, previews, interviews, videos, and more. Okpunjab is also a virtual network in which users can share specific details about films when viewing and reflecting on the same. Okpunjab offers its users movies of various genres and domains. It has genre videos, such as action, science fiction, drama, comedy, romance, and more. On Okpunjab, you might download movies dubbed English, Hindi, and Hindi. The Okpunjab site also has a famous web series and shows on Netflix.

Okpunjab 2020: Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood and Tamil HD Movies

Okpunjab: Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood and Tamil HD Movies

Today Pk Movies is a Pirated Website to download, which uploads the original version of the Movie in Pirated Version on its website. Today Pk not only provides the facility to download new movies, as well as it is a huge platform to download both new and old movies. Movies on Todayspk are uploaded in different quality, so that users can comfortably download their favorite Okpunjab HD Movies in the desired quality like 720p, 480p, 1080p ETC. Okpunjab is a torrent website that is run by site owners from the USA. The platform offers its users its content from different languages, such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other Indian regional languages.

What is Okpunjab?

Okpunjab is one of the most popular illegal online movie portals. It offers the latest movie updates, including casting, design, release dates, previews, interviews, videos, and more. Okpunjab is also a virtual network in which users can share specific details about films when viewing and reflecting on the same. Okpunjab offers its users movies of various genres and domains.

With the passage of time and technology the market for pirated movie websites is growing very fast. There are various pirated websites that offer free download movies in HD quality. So, if you are looking for such a website then you can go for the Downlaodhub website.

It is necessary to know that this website is one of those websites that is banned by the Government of India has and asked citizens not to use it for the purpose of downloading movies. So, in order to not get caught by the Indian government, the Okpunjab website keeps changing its domain name or extension. Within hours of the release of any Bollywood movies, this Okpunjab will give you a leaked copy of the movies, which is illegal in India.

How does Okpunjab Illegal work?

Okpunjab is a torrent website, which uploads all of its movies as pirated content. A number of people from unidentified places conduct site service. Users may choose from movie groups and import their favorite movies as easily as they want. In order to stream movies from the Okpunjab illegal website, the user will first access the web by entering the specific domain name. And after this, the user is free to download their favorite movies. When the website receives click on ads and other links, Google AdSense provides publishers with the means to earn money from their online content.

However, users can get rid of these types of ads by using adblockers. Adblocker is an application that works when the browser is being used and it comes into action when there opens a pop-up window. It just blocks it and does not allow it to open a new window. Adblockers can be an application software or it can be an extension. Extension adblockers are an easy way to block all types of ads.

Is downloading movies on Okpunjab is illegal?

We do know that, in India and in other countries around the world, pirating is a felony. Crime in India is not only uploading, but watching videos on the Okpunjab website too. Yeah, if you’ve been spotted surfing some torrent or unauthorized website in India, the government has the right to arrest you according to the Anti Piracy Act.

Watching and downloading Okpunjab videos or any other piracy that encourages websites is illegal in India. Catching a video downloaded from a pirated website is a felony and it almost involves cheating. It is illegal in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

As Okpunjab is an illegal pirated website so downloading movies from the Online Pirates Website is a crime. It is not legal in India to stream and downloads movies from Okpunjab. in some parts of the world this website may not be banned, but if you reside in India, then you must abstain using this site as it is one of the sites which has been blacklisted by Google.

This way, it’s absolutely illegal to watch movies as soon as they are released. Okpunjab have really nice style and construction. That’s really user friendly. It’s not just feasible to stream movies from cell phones on laptops so PCs, and it’s also pleasant. Okpunjab streaming platform provides all the latest movies in resolutions of 320p, 720p, 1080p.

There is a Piracy law in India that if anyone watches or downloads movies from any illegal website like Okpunjab, then it is against the law and the person will be punished or have to pay fine. People spreading piracy can be jailed so it is advised to all to stay away from such piracy spread websites. Many Bollywood celebrities request the audience to stop piracy and watch the movies in theatres. Therefore, we also request our readers to watch movies in theaters only and OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5 and many more mentioned above in the post.

Why Okpunjab’s illegal website is so popular?

There are many illegal websites on the internet that offer the user the privilege of watching free downloaded movies or viewing the new movies. Okpunjab has emerged as a famous illegal website. Most of them wonder what’s the reason that people choose Okpunjab than other illegal websites? Let’s take a peek at the following aspects to see why Okpunjab illegal website is so popular.

  • Okpunjab not only provides the top movies of current times on its website but also promotes different songs and web series online. So as much as people can stream the film, they get to watch the local web series and other programs too.
  • It provides videos in a different type of HD qualities. There are qualities like 360p and 720p and 1080p on the internet. You can just choose and download the movie with a single click of your finger.
  • Taking about the variety available on the website, there is plenty of choices you can make once you explore the site. The different categories help you find movies according to your mood even when you do not know what to watch.
  • The website changes it’s URL frequently so even after getting blocked by the government time and again it keeps the site working and people can download the films online. There are several online mirror servers available which help the visitors get their desired movies.
  • The easily accessible interface makes the movie download an easy task without any complication.

What Language movies will be available in Okpunjab?

Okpunjab is an illegal website which provides free movie download access to its users. It leaks up the new films within hours of publishing them. Yet it’s specialized in Tamil and Indian dubbed film. It has a large array of Tamil films, web series, plays, and Tamil dubbed films. Like other piracy websites, the website operates popup advertisements for Okpunjab in and these advertisements are the key source of revenue for them.

The specialty of this illegal website is it provides all types of movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. The dubbed movies are also present on the website for easy downloading. All movies present in this illegal website are in the downloadable form.i.e, in HD formats. All TV shows and documentaries are also available on the Okpunjab for streaming and downloading processes.

How can I watch or download movies at Legal Websites?

Users can watch or download movies, even web series from the Legal Websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot Star, etc by downloading the app which is available on the Google Play Store. Click on the legal app you want to install and once the app is downloaded you can watch your favourite movies online. Always Legal Websites are the safer zone for watching and downloading the movies.

What are the categories of movies available on Okpunjab 2020?

Okpunjab has split the site into many categories to make it readily available to all users. This is not because there is a limited number of movies eligible. This illegal Okpunjab website has sorted them into different genres in order to make the films readily available to visitors. You will locate the video faster there and have a greater chance to find the perfect picture. The following are the different categories you see on the illegal website of Okpunjab

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Sports
  • Mystery
  • Tragedy
  • Mythology
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Web series
  • TV series

Features of Okpunjab:

Okpunjab 2020
Okpunjab 2020: Download Free Bollywood, Hollywood and Tamil HD Movies

Okpunjab offers an extensive amount of exceptional features on their website. Being the most used and best of all the time, these advanced characteristics made the site famous earlier. Some of the features described below:

Top-mounted Search-Bar: Okpunjab offers a search bar in the upper right corner of the website. It always performs well and provides entirely accurate results. After searching for a specific item, the result will be given within some milliseconds. No delay and suggestive items are two of the principal features of the search bar.

Fast Servers: Offered movies and TV shows are stored in different high-speed servers. Not only one but multiple files hosting servers are used to store the items. Even in a slow connection, the servers work fine.

Unlimited Access On all Contents: Available, all the contents are accessible forever. There are no limitations or restrictions on any of the provided items. One can use it for an unlimited time. All they have to do is search for their desired content and download it. Still, sometimes one of the links doesn’t work or work slow, but that is not any serious issue.

No Registration / Sign-up: Visitors don’t have to create specific accounts. One can download the contents easily without any sign-up or registration process. It makes getting your favorite item so much easier.

Vast Library of Contents: One of the famous old websites has created a large family of movies and TV shows. Not only the latest releases are published, but all the old movies are also available to download.

Comments/Review/Details Section: Each of the published content has a different comment section. Users can post a review there as well as any problem can be solved through commenting. IMDB ratings are also provided

below each of the movies. Details like cast and crew information, names of writers, producers, directors are all provided.

Various Qualities and Languages: Contents are available in multiple qualities, including 720p, 480p, HDRip, Blu ray, DVDRip, WebDl. It is also concluded in various languages, including English, Hindi, Malayam, Tamil, and others. For slower connections, low quality like 300mb films, 400mb movies are also available.

Interface: In terms of the user interface, it is very much reliable and easily understandable. The services are also available as an android application. The app is mainly built for mobile users to provide them easy access from mobile phones.

What kind of movie qualities available on Okpunjab?

Okpunjab has an enormous selection of films like Tamil and Tamil dubbed movies. On this illegal website, you can view most of the Hollywood, Bollywood movies for free. The platform provides a large selection of movies with the varying video quality. The streaming type available on Okpunjab to watch or download movies is listed below. Okpunjab also provides HD quality movies on its websites. Most of the users often watch or download movies in HD quality. Thinking about its users, Okpunjab’s illegal website has a certain streaming quality for all movies. Different types of movies can be watched from the following streaming quality on the illegal website Okpunjab.

  • HD movie download
  • Full Movie HD
  • Full movie download 720p
  • Full movie download 480p HD

Okpunjab New Link 2020

Okpunjab is pilfered infamous online Movies Website, which has exposed the latest movies for download which has made it popular too. The downloads can be of, Tamil, Malayalam. so, Above both in Hindi Dubbed is an additional feature. It has immense fan and supporters and has gigantic web inclusion. as Domain has been hindered by India government Anti Antipiracy cell with the assistance of ISP web access supplier of India and Search Engine Portal working in India.. Following are the mentioned domain names or Movies Website names along with SL NO.:

  1. Okpunjab.vip
  2. Okpunjab.in
  3. Okpunjab.pro
  4. Okpunjab.fm
  5. Okpunjab.cc
  6. Okpunjab.me
  7. Okpunjab.fu
  8. Okpunjab.nn
  9. Okpunjab.us
  10. Okpunjab.ml
  11. Okpunjab.cf
  12. Okpunjab.cl
  13. Okpunjab.ccv
  14. Okpunjab.vip
  15. Okpunjab.com

the Movies Website lost its sectors due to certain restrictions caused by the Cyber and Anti-Piracy Cell of Government of India. They have some exceptionally commonplace names like Tamil Yogi.Com, Okpunjab.In, and so on and so on. In roar Some known increase of spaces of Okpunjab has been given cry. See.

How to access the 123Okpunjab website?

As you learn, 123Okpunjab Me is an unauthorized video-piracy platform. It’s had to face several blocks for piracy problems for this piracy problem. Too many countries can’t reach the web for those purposes. To access the platform please follow the steps below.

Step 1: First of all, you need a strong VPN service like Nord VPN to change your location. We have some recommended Nord VPN for you. Use it on your Android/iOS device.

Step 2: After installing the Nord VPN app, open the app, and select the location of the United States. After that, we would recommend you to check the IP address.

Step 3: Then if the IP address is changed, go to the official website of 123Okpunjab me. There you go you will get full access to the website. Now choose any movie to download.

Alternatives of Okpunjab: Movies Websites for Downloading Movies 2020

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for Best Okpunjab options? Films are an incredible method to invest your recreation energy. A large portion of the individuals favor web based spilling motion pictures. You simply need some great film gushing destinations with the great Internet association .when we consider the web based spilling the primary thing to come in our psyche is Okpunjab. It is the web stage for spilling motion pictures in high caliber without a great deal of advisement.

An investigation by Tubular Insights expressed that in 2020 comes around, 80% of the world’s web traffic will be influenced by online video spilling, Due to the expansion of traffic then you are searching for Okpunjab elective. Here are the rundowns. In order to gain the best experience for our client, we have tested almost all issues to make sure that it is working fine. All Movie, TV Shows, and recordings are available on Okpunjab Movies Website just for you. Individuals who visit this Movies Website on normal premise to watch arrangement and motion picture are searching for the choices since its shutdown.

Legal Alternatives of Okpunjab

Albeit Okpunjab is an unlawful Movies Website enabling you to watch and enjoy a great many films on the web. Be that as it may, as Okpunjab is known to be illicit, why not fall back on a progressively lawful approach to watch motion pictures on the web? Also, with that, here are probably the best lawful choices you can use to observe free motion pictures. These days watching films and recordings online is an extremely advantageous way, due to the Internet, It makes life simpler.

There are a large number of free motion pictures spilling destinations on the Internet, however all are not like Okpunjab, not many locales give you a decent encounter, and the greater part of free motion pictures gushing webpage divert you to perils and revolting Movies Website.


Okpunjab Movies Website offers an extraordinary determination of motion pictures that you can watch and furthermore some TV shows of various classifications, for example, dramatization, parody, tension, activity and significantly more. The PopCornFlix Movies Website won’t expect you to enroll, which implies you can watch motion pictures when you land on the Movies Website. This can be an extraordinary element of this Movies Website on the grounds that, for a few, they will draw in you with some free flags, yet they will at last request that you pay.

Ice movie:

IcefilmsInfor.net is a Movies Website that can be an option for Okpunjab. The distinction of this webpage regarding those different Movies Websites is that it previously had a classification in which the best IMDB motion pictures are recorded. This implies it will be simpler for you to locate the most well-known motion pictures today. You can likewise have motion pictures arranged by years. This is valuable in the event that you are the sort of individual who cherishes watching exemplary motion pictures.


This Movies Website implies that you can browse the web without much of a stretch quest for the motion picture or TV give you need to watch on your PC. This Movies Website additionally incorporates a rundown of the best IMDB motion pictures and you can likewise bounce to an alternate nation classification so you can without much of a stretch quest for films. In spite of the fact that there is a segment for individuals on this Movies Website, it isn’t generally important to enlist, so you can decide to enlist or not as indicated by what you need.


It has same appearance like the Okpunjab Movies Website. In any case, the thing that matters is that GoMovies.la is fully informed regarding the new motion pictures and is extremely alive. These Movies Websites additionally give you the benefit of viewing HD motion pictures with your PC. The movies are arranged and likewise, films are arranged by kind, which makes it simpler for you that you need to watch.


Niter.me is a Movies Website that incorporates in excess of 7000 motion pictures and the TV shows it has. What’s more, this Movies Website additionally incorporates motion pictures that you can watch in HD. Moreover, this Movies Website is approachable from any of your device.


When you have enacted HDO.to in your program, you can watch numerous motion pictures and TV shows that you can watch on your PC as The Okpunjab Movies Website. . It accompanies a pleasant interface where every one of the motion pictures has highlighted on the primary interface. With this Movies Website, you can look for motion pictures by classifications, for example, the most seen today, the most top choice, the most conspicuous and the most esteemed. Here you have the chance for using the Gender and Country classification to go for the recordings you are in the mood of enjoying. Furthermore, a segment called TV Section helps you in watch of your choice of TV Shows.


MovieZap is additionally a decent name in the best Okpunjab choices show; it offers huge amounts of motion pictures and TV shows to the guests. They don’t enable you to get to its substance without join. MovieZap has a decent interface; you wouldn’t see shelling of promotions; the Movies Website’s database is separated into the areas and classes. MovieZap doesn’t store the recordings on its server; the outsiders give all substance. We need more information about its ubiquity and traffic details; however it is a decent choice to watch films and Television arrangement for nothing.


It is likewise a decent name in Okpunjab options; the Movies Website offers all of you kinds of motion picture and TV arrangement. Movies4U give you interface from the other Movies Website it doesn’t store records on its server. Movies4U is certainly not an extraordinary option of Okpunjab; however it is a decent choice to watch films and TV Series online for nothing. Movie lovers visit this Movies Website from the different areas across the world out of them some prominent ones are USA, UK, and Canada. This makes up around 1 million guests visit per month.


LookMoive isn’t just a decent other option, however it is superior to Okpunjab. It is better since it gives you a colossal database of motion pictures and the Movies Website interface is sufficient in the free films spilling section. You get a few subtleties of the motion picture subsequent to tapping on its thumbnail, for example Discharge Year, Rating, Genre, and Duration; Movies are in the HD and LQ quality.

One incredible thing with is elusive in the free films gushing Movies Website that is the advertisement free condition, yet here you don’t perceive any presentation promotion on the whole Movies Website, yes you see some video advertisements, however that isn’t bothering. This Movies Website is popular throughout the world among the individuals, and it has clients across the globe, such as USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, and India. Getting around 5 million traffic per month.

This Movies Website gives you an extraordinary video play which is like the YouTube and exceptionally simple to explore, Here you likewise get captions in numerous dialects so remember to visit this Movies Website, it is superior to Okpunjab.


Zmovies.cc offers its clients a wide scope of movies that are grouped by their sort. Likewise, this Movies Website is refreshed normally so your guest has the chance to see the most recent films there are today. Be that as it may, the motion pictures on this Movies Website just go back to 2012. Be that as it may, in spite of that, despite everything it accompanies a wide scope of stunning motion pictures that you can watch. Lastly, this Movies Website won’t expect you to enroll before utilizing it.

There are progressively legitimate choices that you can utilize separated from utilizing the Okpunjab Movies Website. You may likewise consider attempting them to have a few issues with your PC or cell phone for a very long time you are utilizing the Okpunjab Movies Website. Moreover, we generally go with the legitimate ones to abstain from falling into difficulty.

Will I go to jail or be fined for downloading a movie illegally?

According to the piracy law in India, an individual is taken to the court and if he/she is proven that he/she has knowingly infringed or helped someone else infringe and download a copyrighted movie from piracy websites, then it would be considered to be a criminal act. Under the law, the punishment for a person being convicted for their first such offense is a jail term between six months and three years, with a fine anywhere between Rs.50,000 and Rs.200,000 (depending on the seriousness of the offense). We advise our users from avoiding such illegal downloads of movies.

Disclaimer – thetechhunters does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form

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