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GEO Super Biss key 2018

Geo Super:

It is first but not only sports channel of Pakistan. It is based in Dubai. It is the product of Jhang Media group. It broadcasts sports talk shows, Sports matches etc. It belongs to the family of GEO News, GEO TV so on. It is broadcasted on Paksat 1R 38E. It was launched in late September 2007. After its launch, It secured the rights of ICC tournaments for next five years. Scroll down to know about GEO Super Biss key 2018 and GEO super frequency 2018. The frequency of GEO ME and Biss key is also given below.

GEO super / GEO ME frequency 2018:

This is GEO super / GEO ME frequency 2018. You can enter it into your receiver and can gain it easily.

Geo Super/ GEO ME Paksat 1R frequency

Channel Name: Geo ME /Geo Super
Frequency: 4105 V 2310
Satellite: PakSat 1R 38°E
SID           : 000B

GEO Super / GEO ME Biss key 2018:

Its encryption mode is recently changed from Conax key from the Biss key. The Geo super Biss key is posted below

GEO Super Biss key:10 6C F9 75 BC 5B 4F 66

GEO ME Biss key:10 6C F9 75 BC 5B 4F 66

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