GEO Super New Biss key And Frequency 2022

Geo Super:

It is first but not only the sports channel of Pakistan. It is the product of the Jhang Media group.

Geo Super broadcasts sports talk shows, Sports matches, etc and belongs to the GEO Network.

It was launched in late September 2007 on Paksat 1R 38E.

After its launch, It secured the rights of ICC tournaments for the next five years.

Scroll down to know about Geo Super Biss key 2019 and GEO super frequency 2020. The frequency of the GEO ME and Biss key is also given below.

GEO super / GEO ME frequency 2020:

Below is the frequency of the channel.

Just enter it into the receiver and point your dish towards the Paksat 1R 38E and boom! you will get the channel signals perfectly.

SatellitePaksat 1R 38.0°E
ChannelGeo Super
Transponder3737 V 29720
Polarity V
Symbol Rate14400
Quality/FormatMPEG 4

Note: The frequency changes from time to time. For the latest frequency keep visiting site

GEO Super / GEO ME Biss key 2020:

Its encryption mode is recently changed from the Biss key to the Conax key. The Geo Super Biss key is not working anymore

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At the current time, Geo Super is not working on any TP but there are other channels on which you can sport on.

If you still have any problem then comment below. I will be very happy to help.