Hello Readers! In this post, you are going to know about Filmazia Biss key and Filmazia frequency.

I will also tell you whether Filmazia is scrambled on Biss key or not and if yes then what is Filmazia Biss key. So stay tuned and read the post till the end.


Filmazia Entertainment also known as Filmazia is the first Pakistani channel to broadcast Pakistani Films (lollywood).

The channel has gained quite a great audience in the past due to its great choice of shows and films.

It broadcast shows and movies of multi-languages including Turkish, Hindi and Urdu. It has two sister channels. One is the Filmax which broadcasts Hollywood movies and the other is Film World which broadcasts Bollywood movies.

Filmazia frequency:

This channel is broadcasted on 2 satellites. One is SES8 and the other is Paksat @ 38E.  I have written the Paksat 1R frequency of  Filmazia.

The below is the frequency of the channel. Just enter it into the receiver and point your dish towards the Paksat 1R 38E and boom! you will get the channel signals perfectly.

SatellitePaksat 1R
Polarity V
Symbol Rate6200
Transponder3818 V 6200

Note: The frequency changes from time to time. For the latest frequency keep visiting site

Filmazia Biss Key:

So here it comes. It would be a hard pill to swallow when I will tell you that Filmazia is not on Biss key. You will be wondering that if it’s not on the Biss key then why it’s scrambled.

It is scrambled due to its encryption by Cryptoguard. And the bad news is that Cryptoguard is not bypassable. So there is not a single way to watch Filmazia free on the dish.

I thought to make this post when I saw many people spamming on Facebook and Twitter and giving fake Biss keys of Filmazia.

A fake tweet about Biss key above

An alternative way to watch Filmazia:

Don’t worry, we have got your back. We have found an alternative way so that you can watch Filmazia free and easy. You can watch Filmazia live here.

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    1. filmazia is scrambled due to its encryption by Cryptoguard. And the bad news is that Cryptoguard is not bypassable. So there is no chance to watch Filmazia on the satellite receiver.

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