CCCAM 101 – Everything About CCCAM

Are you new in this Dish and satellite field?

And confused about What is CCCAM really and how you can get it for free?

Well, you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together a complete list of every aspect you need to know about Card Sharing and CCcam. 

After reading this article, Not only you will get to know about CCcam but you will also be able to set up your very own CCcam server. I am not joking. Read the article till the end. And yeah not to forget, a bonus in the end.

In this beginner to advanced guide, I am gonna be answering your seven questions about CCcam:

Let’s get started!

1. What is Card Sharing?

Before telling you about CCcam, Let me introduce you to the Cardsharing. With the technology of Card Sharing, It is possible to share subscription cards among different satellite receivers via the Internet.

It is a method of allowing multiple clients or digital television receivers to access a subscription television network with only one valid subscription card.

If a user has bought Dish TV, Sky TV or Dream DTH subscription and now he wants to go to his farmhouse and wants to enjoy the same service, he would have to buy a separate subscription for his farmhouse but thanks to the card sharing. He can enjoy the same service in his farmhouse as in his main house at the cost of one subscription.

I hope you got the concept of Card Sharing. Let’s move on to the next part.

2. What is CCcam?

‘CCcam’ is a Softcam or emulator used to watch DTH channels by Card Sharing on Linux based receivers.

I am not sure but I think it stands for Client Card Conditional Access Module. CCcam is the communication protocol that allows the flow of information between different decoders.

It makes the Card Sharing send the commands from one place to another. In simple words, we can say that CCcam transfers and receives a subscription card over a network

In addition to CCcam, many other protocols are widely supported. They are usually called Cam emulators, such as Newcam, MGcamd, Avatarcam, DSCAM, DQCAM, and G-Share.

A video on this topic to help you out more.

3. What is CCcam Server?


Hopefully, you have learned what is Card Sharing and CCcam and their relationship. Now it’s time to go more technical into it.

I am talking about the CCcam server. This is the place where all this CCcam thing starts. Let me explain the topic in depth.

When the person buys a DTH subscription card which he wants to share with others (through CCcam)and creates a server via the Linux based receiver and internet. Then through Card Sharing, He shares his single subscription among many receivers who connects to the server.

Those receivers could be in another room or maybe a thousand miles away can access that smart card through a local area network or the Internet.

The receiver which holds the paid DTH subscription card in the card slot is known as server or host. This server is then called the CCcam server because it serves CCcams to its users.

The receiver will only be able to play those channels that are allowed on the DTH subscription card.

Creating a server and buying a DTH Subscription can be expensive. So here is the part when the CCcam panel plays its role.

4. What is CCcam Panel?

If you can’t afford to make a server because it’s complex, time taking and expensive then CCcam panel is the right choice to go with.

CCcam server holders distribute CCcam panels among the one who doesn’t want to or doesn’t have enough money to get the CCcam server.

CCcam panel holders can use CCcam for their own receivers as well as they can generate more CCcam Clines from the panel and can resell them to other users.

So this way they can earn by becoming a re-seller of CCcam by just paying a small amount of panel and not owning a full server.

5. Is CCcam legal?

It’s a very complicated matter to decide whether the CCcam is legal or illegal. Because every country has its own lawsuit. And it goes according to its law.

There are two conditions on which we can say if it is legal or not which are below:

1. If a person uses it to share his bought subscription on his own other receivers then this may be legal because he has bought the subscription and can’t pay for two packages in one house.

2. If a person pays for one subscription and then sets up a server and through CCcam, It gives access to other people which buys his service locally or globally. Then this is illegal. Because one subscription many many people are enjoying and not paying to the DTH company for the service but to the CCcam owner.

6. How to set up your own Server?

If you have understood the post till now then you are going to have an easy time making your own CCcam server. And get rid of those monthly bills and low-quality channels.


Let me tell you about the two types of CCcam which are

  • F-line: It stands for friend line. In F-line, the server holder gives you access to his server so that you can also make CCcams and give to other persons.
  • C-line: It stands for connect line. In this type of server, You only have the right to connect to the server and use the service. You can’t regenerate or resell to others.

To create CCcam server, you should have below listed things.


  • Linux based satellite receiver.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Satellite Dish.
  • A computer or laptop.


  • First of all, you need to create a DNS address and download the updater software.  DynDNS is the best in the business.
  • The DNS address you choose for your server will create the initial part of all clines you send to your user like this. C:
  • Server Listen Port is the second part of the Cline, which has a default value of 12000. The default value can be changed by  just going  to your cccam.cfg file and editing the following line:


  • Now after setting DNS address and Server Listen Port, our CCcam cline looks like this:C: 12000
  • Now the next and most important step is to create a username and password in your cccam.cfg so that a user can connect to your server. The F-line comes in this place.
  • To make the F-line using your FTP client(i.e. Filezilla) connect to your receiver and go to /etc. You should see a file named cccam.cfg, right click on it and hit edit. These are the only lines that need to be there for it to work. If you find it easier delete it all, then copy and paste this in its place.

CCcam.cfg file code:

You can disable or enable any of these command lines by adding or removing #.

Standard F-line looks like this:

F: username password

This is all you need to connect your user to you. Now the last step required to complete the Cline is by adding username and password from the F-line. Now cline should look like this:

C: 12000 username password

7. How to get Free CCcam?(Bonus)

Last but not least, a bonus for you. Yes, I am giving away a CCcam for a month. if you want to participate in this giveaway then you have to do the following things

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Good luck to you.


CCcam is an easy thing and if used in a good way can benefit a lot and can save a lot of money.  Before using CCcam or any other Softcam emulator, confirm with the laws of your country that it’s legal or not to avoid any fuss later. Creating a server was never been so easy but after reading this post you will be a master at that.

Congratulation. Pat yourself on completing a 1500+ words post. If you need any help do comment below and let me know how is the post.