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Btv National Biss Key and frequency

Hi, readers in this post you will get to know BTV National Biss Key and frequency 2018 latest & working so stay tuned and read till the end.

btv national biss key

Btv National:

Bangladesh Television is also known as BTV National is a Bangladesh based Television network. On 25 December 1964, It started broadcasting as  Pakistan Television in what was then East Pakistan. In 1971,  after the independence, It was renamed to  Bangladesh Television.

BTV  National has produced many award-winning shows but it has also been criticised for being the mouthpiece of the current government and for their lack of quality entertaining content.BTV National is aired currently on Asiasat 7 105E for dish viewers.

Below are the BTV National frequency and  BTV National  Biss key.

Btv National Frequency:

The table below shows the frequency and all other data you are required to watch BTV National on the dish. Just input these numbers in your receiver and you are good to go.

SatelliteAsiasat 7 at 105.5E
Channel NameBTV National
PolarityH (Horizontal)
Symbol Rate11394

note: the frequency can be changed. For the latest frequency keep visiting site

Btv National Biss Key:

So here comes the most awaited part of the post. Yes, you have guessed right. Below I have written the Biss key of BTV National.

Btv National Biss Key: D2BE 5AEA BC67 F81B

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    1. Hello MD,
      Thanks for taking time and commenting. Actually, there is a new update at Sony network’s side and they have changed the powervu key and it is not stable till now that’s why it’s not working on any receiver. I will post the latest updates here. Till then you can like this page for the latest information.

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